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Cirkus Kohoutegg Circus comedy for children
Bear Childrens Theatre Children's Theatre Madam Bicykloutka Circus comedy for children

about us


International festival of new circus - juggling, flow arts acrobatics, contemporary dance, fire dance, LED shows. 3 performance stages of circus & live music followed by parties each night featuring live bands & DJ’s. .

Roztoč fest is an all weekend event where world renowned artists and the audience comes together in celebration to inspire & expose the arts involved. Teachers are happy to create new artists from the interested audience. This is not an event where you sit and watch. We'll get you movin!

All events and workshops are suitable for participants of any ages.

We go together deep into the disciplines & find the ways to involve everyone. Movement and desire are the only needs to help anyone to learn a few tricks and get the most from such a weekend.

There is a special program for kids only as well. Apart from that we will have many artists who will teach anyone individually with any prop (all the juggling props will be available to borrowed)

Roztoc is co-created by


MansterVille creates some of the world’s most unique fire installations - something they call Propane Punk Circus. They’re behind most of Roztoč’s art installations that make the festival unique as well. There’s an insane amount of work behind the things they’ve created. .

This year you’ll see not only their MansterWheel and various fire space accessories, but also various fire and non-fire installations with which you can play all night, and their geodome, with wicked custom made decorations by our main decorateur and visual artist, Sandra Brizeeova. Roztoč is from a big part a MansterVille itself. Visit mansterville.com to find out more informations.


Bimbárium je cirkusová legrácka. Klaunský opis disciplíny vrhu nožem. Ačkoliv vrh bimbasem na terč poutá nejvíc pozornosti, je ve spektru našich činností pověstnou špičkou ledovce. Vzít do ruky bimbasa a vrhnout jím může být prvním krokem na cestě za překonáním studu. Anebo první šlápotou na cestě za vítězstvím ve světovém šampionátu v DingDongu, nové olympyjské sportovní disciplíně, kterou jsme vymysleli. Jedná se o světový unikát, tohle skutečně nikdo jiný nedělá. .

Bimbárium is a fun circus. Clownish parallel of the knife throwing discipline. Although the willy throwing gets the most attention, it is only just the legendary tip of the iceberg amongst our activities. Throwing a willy can be the first step in overcoming shame. Or the first step on the road to win the World Championship in DingDong – the new Olymphallic sport we created. There is nothing similar like Bimbárium in the world.

Circus Space Pirates

For us Circus Space Pirates, it is essential to encourage people from all backgrounds to feel empowered to express their true nature in a playful connection with the world, and allow their freedom and creativity to turn dreams into a shared reality. Our mobile actions are transforming public spaces into a vital portal of playful expression, creativity, and togetherness. Our aim is to share circus with a variety of audiences with different needs, backgrounds and potentials. We welcome everyone to join in a colorful journey of self-expression and co-creation. Our participatory interaction invites various target groups for a dialogue where the creative language of circus becomes a powerful transformation in the public space: streets, parks, festivals, demonstrations and social institutions are the scenario of our adventure. .

Our mission is to co-create experiences where we can flourish our true nature in an honest and joyful expression of our live energy. We understand this as an open door to move towards happiness and fulfillment – this is the ground for the transformation of our world today. Circus Space Pirates is made up of all those who enter and engage. Those who pass by and glance over their shoulder, those who come to play and learn, and those who give their energy as artists, pedagogues, animators, activists, volunteers. - www.circusspacepirates.org"



Buy the tickets online & ensure your place at the festival!

If you don't want to camp or do the masterclasses, you only have to buy the entrance - at the door

Pokud nechcete kempovat nebo se účastnit masterclasses, tak stačí koupit pouze "entrance" na místě.

The other types of tickets except FULL FESTIVAL PASS, can be bought at the door only



all day 350 czk / 15 €

evening from 6pm 250 czk / 10 €


without masterclasses and camping

Thursday: 150 czk / 7 €

Friday: 250 czk / 10 €

Saturday (all day) 350 czk / 15 €

Saturday (only evening) 250 czk / 10 €

Sunday: 200 czk / 9 €