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(... read it like "roztotch" if you don't want to be lame ;) is an international festival based on circus and flow arts, theatre and all kinds of movement art forms, but in fact also a music festival - with dozens of live bands and DJs, with genres ranging from balkan, klezmer, cumbia and latin, to drum'n'bass, dubstep or psytrance.

Our motivation is simply to have as much fun as possible and to allow people to learn new skills and share. You will not be bored. This year's space is perfect escape from reality into the colourful world we create. With endless amount of different art decos, visual installations, many small stages and scenes..

Renowned artists and the audience comes together in celebration to inspire & expose the arts involved. This is not an event where you sit and watch. We'll get you moving!

What to do here

There will be lots of workshops for all levels (including children), live music, DJs, firejam, skill sharing, and more!

Useful info

How to get here? Can we camp in tents? What food will you have? Is the place child-friendly? Will there be beer? Get the answers to these questions and more: