August 16-19, 2018


CZ: Připravte se na další ročník multižánrového cirkusového festivalu.
I letos pro vás chystáme jedinečná vystoupení, workshopy, koncerty, a další kreativní program. Čekájí na vás 2 hudební stage, venkovní i vnitřní workshopy, program pro děti, dva večery plné vystoupení špičkových českých i zahraničních umělců, a hlavně; spousta příležitostí pro vaší vlastní kreaci.

EN: The fifth year of a multi-genre, circus based art festival. Shows, workshops, live music, DJs, party, movie projecting, food, tea and inspiration.

Come and be creative!



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Many informations are being updated and listed there - even if you don't have a facebook account, you can still see all the info!

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We have an honor to welcome these performances this year: 

Amit Kenig (Izrael)
Krista Palm (Estonia)
Circo Frico (Česko)
Partai Orang Hutan - stínové divadlo (ČR)
Quarante Quatre (France)
Jerzy Kozlowski (Poland)
Abrakadaboom (Canada / France)
Juraj Juggler (Česko)
Igor Polivoda (Ukraine)

Thomas Hauffen (Norway)





Our vision is based on sharing skills and joy of flow arts. Everybody is welcome to teach, share and express themselves as much as they want to. There are two workshop places - one dedicated to workshops for beginners (as well as kids) and one for workshops for intermediate or advanced flow & circus artists.

A full workshop list & schedule will be done soon. If you want to hold a workshop at Roztoc fest, you are very welcome to do it. Please email us at

Apart from the scheduled workshops there will be toys for borrow at any time and artists who will be happy to show people individually how to use this and that props.. 🙂


Good fire space is our priority. We are sure you will be satisfied this year; the all night long fire space will be held on an outdoors terrace, with endless fuel and live music /DJs. Please respect the safety rules and be a responsible fire spinner.




Please, see the facebook event for line-up!









🔊TYGROO (CZ) Brass-house / Funk / Drumnbrass / Balkan / Hiphop 
"The band of Tygroo combines some traditional music genres like klezmer and balkan music with some modern ones, like funk, hiphop,disco, dubstep and other electronic music genres. All that spiced up with a huuge portion of invention and creativity. Playing only drums and winds (and sometimes accordion) this band sounds very unusual, fresh, full of colours and fire, coming sometimes from Odessa or the Guča festival, sometimes from New Orleans or the NY city subway. Come to listen and (most of all) dance to some Klezmer-Funk, Balkan-Jungle, Jazz-Dubstep, Brasshouse, Cave Music, Trashdisco and who knows what else!"

🔊OMNION (CZ) World / Psychedelic 
One-man self-looping orchestra by Tomas Reindl >
realtime looping & processing, tabla, clarinet,
beat-box, voice, overtone singing, didjeridu, kanjira,
trombone, koncovka flute, blues harmonica. Inspirations of ancient sacred music combined with the possibilities of current music technology.

🔊RUMBALGIA (ES) Rumbalgia is the band of rumba flamenca and catalana in Prague. Their music is an untempo style with influences from Gypsy culture and cuban music. Rumbalgia will make you dance with classics of the rumba as well as their own songs.
Sevap company -pražská čtyřčlenná kapela hrající žánry reggae/latino. Převážně originální tvorba vznikala za pochodu a přesunu členů z různých zemi,kde čerpali inspiraci pro jejich písně. Hudba je proto směsicí spanelskych rytmu a houpaveho reggae doplněna o energicky hlas jediné ženy v kapele.
OMNION (CZ) World / Psychedelic 
One-man self-looping orchestra

“444Hz tuning. Japanese singer-songwriter and loop pedal ninja KENTA HAYASHI takes the term ‘one man band’ to the next level, creating an orchestra of sound by layering vocals, guitar, effects and percussion. The result is a fusion of psychedelic dubbed out journeys surrounded by soundscapes and an overtone of harmonies on a rhythmic foundation - all created live by Kenta through the use of his loop pedal.” 

🔊 SAKRA BURAJA (CZ) beatbox'n'bass, funky, dnb, jazz, live looping
Sakra Buraja is international musical project fusing genres such as hip-hop, jazz, funk, drumnbass and all sorts of savage tribal music! These guys combines sax, double bass, live beatbox & looping, percussions and rap in a very unique way

🔊SEVAP COMPANY (CZ) newfusion / soul / reggae / funky / groove / latino
The music of Sevap company is inspired by various countries that the 4 members traveled and experienced. Therefore Spanish rythms and melodies are fused with reggae and other genres in an original way.





Camping is possible inside of the festival venue - right at the lake side, under the trees... There are showers and toilets, food will be available to purchase throughout the whole festival. 



 Tickets are now in pre-sale! Book it HERE. You can also buy a ticket at the door - there is no ticket limit so don't worry. The online ticket doesn't include camping! If you are camping in the festival venue you will be asked to pay 20€ at the door.

without camping: 600czk / 25€
with camping: 990czk / 45€

3 days (FRI-SUN)
without camping 500czk / 25€
with camping: 800czk / 35€

2 days (SAT-SUN)
with camping 400czk / 18€
without camping 600czk  / 25€

all day 300czk / 13€
evening from 6pm 15oczk / 7€

or days seperately (if bough separately)
Only Thursday: 150,- / 7€
Only Friday: 150,- / 7€
Only Saturday day & night 300,- / 13€
Only Saturday night: 150 / 7€
Only Sunday: 150,- / 7€


- under 140cm or less than 10 years are for free. If camping we ask for symbolic contribution of 100czk /4€ per kid (for the whole festivall, not per night) 
- kids between 140-165cm or less than 15yrs are for half price (both entry and camping)
- kids from 15yrs or 165cm pay full price


Unfortunately because the venue is inside of a natural reservation and the owners are trying to do their best to keep the lake water clear, dogs aren't allowed on the festival ground.. We are very sorry about this. That's the cost of having such beautiful location..

.. but hey, no dogs, but we guess other animals are allowed. Bring your tigers, sloths and anteaters! That's no problem 😉

nodogs sign

Did you hear about the Phoenix Fire Convention?

PFC takes place on 23-26 August, which is a week after Roztoc at Eisfeld, Germany! This is probably the biggest fire spinning gathering in Europe. Join the community at this event too! We are a big lovers of it and it also inspires us to do Roztoc fest.

There will be many interesting workshops, performances and artists. If you like Roztoc fest you will certainly like this too. Check out the official website!


Koupaliště Džbán is probably the most beautiful lake in Prague, with clean water, surrounded by the natural reservation of Divoka Sarka. At the same time it is only 10min by walk to the metro, only 30min to the city centre.



Divoká šárka is a natural reservation at the edge of Prague. There's a dense forest, amazing rock formations and wide open fields. Moreover there's a lake - "Džbán" and this is where Roztoč will take place! From the festival door it only takes about 30min to the city centre (incl.walking to the metro stop 😉 ) Another advantage is that the airport is only 5 km (10 min by bus) away!



address: Nad Lávkou 672/5, 160 00 Praha 6 - Vokovice

The nearest metro & tram & bus stop is "Nádraží Veleslavín". It's on the metro line "A". Also, this is from where you take the bus to the airport. 

Getting there from the airport:

Take the bus 119 from the airport to its end station Nádraží Veleslavín. From there walk 10 min and you're there!

Getting there from the main railway station ("Hlavní nádraží")

Inside of the train station look for the metro. Take 1 station to "Muzeum" and change to line "A". On that line go to the station Nadraží Veleslavín and you're there.

Parking at the festival

Parking is free and easy, you can park for the entire time of the festival at the parking lot right in front of the festival door. 


PLEASE, help us so we can keep making this event even more awesome.

Organising this festival doesn't only consume ton of time, but also ton of  money. Last year we only got 50% back of what we invested in it but our enthusiasm didn't get any smaller this year. The ticket is as cheap as possible, so everyone can participate - we don't want those less wealthy to stay home because of finances. So we are asking YOU, who can afford more than 20€ for such an event. to contribute something to us, so we can keep the entry low for ever and still make enough to pay all the costs.

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