Adéla Kostelecká

About Adéla Kostelecká

My journey in movement started at the age of three when I first embraced gymnastics. Training five times a week, I started competing at the age of six.
I actively participated in the Czech Gymnastics Championship every year from 2008 to 2014, as well as the Czech Olympics for Kids and Youth, and Moravian Cup in Gymnastics.


Although I concluded my professional competitive career at the end of high school, my passion for gymnastics endured, driving me to persist with regular training. I became a certified Gymnastics coach in 2021.


  • 7th place in 2011, Czech Gymnastics Championship
  • 9th place in 2012, Czech Gymnastics Championship
  • 1st place in 2013, Moravian Cup in Artistic Gymnastics: winner of five gymnastics competitions
  • 6th place in 2013, Czech Gymnastics Championship, 2nd place on the floor

While starting a collaboration with trampoline park JumpPark in Prague in 2017, I became addicted to trampolines. I have transferred my gymnastics moves to trampolines and learned many new skills including double flips in combinations.In 2021 I became a certified Coach of trampolines issued by the Czech Gymnastics Federation.

Enduring a keen interest in the new circus, I discovered my passion for the aerial hoop in November 2022.


I regard the aerial hoop as my primary sport in 2023 and train two to three times a week in Prague (Firefly Studio) and Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife (Love Yoga studio and Ascension Yoga Shala studio). I have performed in the aerial hoop in Tenerife and also in the Czech Republic in 2023.


I’m participating in my first aerial hoop competition in June 2024: Czech Aerial Hoop Art.
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