Aurora Jaguari

About Aurora Jaguari

She began performing circus arts in 2010 as a street performer during her travels in Latin America. She is mainly involved in hula hooping and aerial trapeze. Since 2015, she has been learning trapeze at the neo-circus centers La Nave, Espacio Vacío and La Factoría De Arte Y Polvo in Seville, Spain.

She has performed at festivals such as Fun Fatale, Behind the Door, Cirk uff, Roztoč, Gasparada, Circus Culture Fest, Ozora in Hungary and others. She has also been teaching for several years at the children’s circle of new circus and juggling skills Cirkusárna.

Collaborations in the Czech Republic include Cirk La Putyka, Blackout Paradox (performances Shamaniac, Nautilus), Mask Bureau, Circus Sacra, Czech Cabaret Show, Amanitas Fire Theatre, FisioART (theatre performance Hotel na rohu), V. O. S. A. theatre, AirGym Company, Aventyr.

Collaborations abroad include Denmark Cirkus Baldoni, Iceland Hoop Convention Hoopstice 66°, Sweden and Finland with Aliatrix-Visual Entertainment Agency, Barcelona Hoop Convention Sinergía, Spain Circada Festival, Austria FM4 Frequency Festival, tour of Colombia with Teatro Negro de Praga.

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