🥁 About CeSar

Everyday is time to enjoy the Trance Music and our own life… I think that I have listened a lot of Trance every day… Since more than 30 years I’m DJ… Non professional… Because I love my job as Electronic Engineer… But for me the music is the most important hobbie that I enjoy in my life… More than 30 years in the music since the DJs played with vinyl, since the DJs played with the heart… Music is Art… is the question and I say YES… I started with High Energy music but here in Mexico was very difficult when I looking for a vinyl… Today I have my own Radio Show… New experiences in my life, because today you could use software to mixing music and is very different than hardware to play music… But I think that music is increase every day… Feel The Music… Feel The Sound… Enjoy your life… Music is Art

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