Die Zirkusband

🥁 About Die Zirkusband

Die Zirkusband is a seven to eight-piece band that formed in 2016 and combines elements of jazz, ska, tango, pop, dub, punk and chanson for their furious live performance. They also serve up lyrics about political mishaps, amorous adventures, sexy criticism of the system and ludicrous everyday anecdotes.

In 2022 they released their debut album “Oft verspielt, nie erreicht” and went on tour in Austria. After successfully playing their way into the hearts of the local subculture, the band have new songs in their luggage and are once again planning sweat-inducing shows, breathtaking stage outfits and acrobatic interludes.

Comments from the audience: “Extremely sexy”, “Sheer madness, my throat hurts from growling”, “I only dance more ecstatically in the shower”.

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