🥁 About Engai

Engai is DJ/Producer project setup by Ian Rieder back in 2012.He is a well known DJ in the Amsterdam (underground) scene for his powerful uplifting and melodic styles. For the last years he focused more on downtempo and techno styles aswell. Next to being a DJ he organised parties and festivals since 2006. He played over whole Holland in different clubs, Squads and festivals and organised parties with his crew I and I connections mostly in and around Amsterdam. He blasted parties for over 10 years in the church of Ruigoord as resident organisation under the name Wiltgroei. His style is very wide and genres like Psytrance, Drum and Bass, psytech, Dub and all sorts of Bass styles are very welcome to him. He is not afraid to mix genres in his sets. For the last years Engai has developped an ecstatic dance style that he playes intuitive on the crowds vibrations.He played on many known places like; Psychedelic Rave, Woodlands Festival, Manifestival, Wildfire Festival, Phoenix Festival(Germany), Roztoc Festival(Czech Republic), we are not alone festival(Germany) and many others events all over the world like Belgium, France, South Africa and India.Recently he joined another crew; Vagedelic and is Co organising parties yet again in Amsterdam. He is now resident for this organisation and many events are planned for the upcoming year(s).Engai is a Sungod from the Masaai people from Africa. There is around 25000 people still having this religion, a good amounth for a festival.Engai is inspired by sun energy, and represents the sun after sundown.His music is his life story, trying to inspire all those around him.

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