Laura & Julia: Partner Leviwand

About twins Laura & Julia

The Fire-Twins Laura and Julia are identical twins from the middle of germany. In times of their lives, when they we’re parted over a long distance, the twin souls were seeking a way to stay connected. So they found the love for their leviwands, or did their wand find them? It was the beginning of a new development. They found a way to play the leviwand together. The Fire-Twins become pioneers of their own style: partner-leviwand.

Their journey took them all over Europe, where they became known for their fire performances. But they’re more than just entertainers; they’re educators too, teaching workshops on fire safety and sustainable play, and sharing their skills with tools like Leviwand, Hula Hoop, Dragon, and Contact Staff. Along the way, they’re organizing fire jams at festivals and conventions, often with the help of Fire-Space.e.V.

The Fire-Twins big dream is to create a huge partner leviwand choreography. For this goal though, they need to get other people into partner-leviwanding too. The twins are happily teaching some of their witchcraft to Muggles and other magical beeings. They used to say “you just need enough willpower and the feeling of the magic inside you. The rest you can learn from us. We will show you how to channel your mana to make your wand flow.

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