Marta Matovelle

About Marta Matovelle

Circus performer, improviser, and trapeze teacher currently living in Budapest. After completing her circus studies, she moved to Budapest, where she has continuously refined her aerial acrobatics skills and deepened her training through various circus, dance and theater courses.

In 2020, she co-founded the collective One Thousand Faces and premiered the production “Terra” in 2021, with which she performed in various European countries. The following year, she created “La prima” together with Eva Mora and premiered it with the support of the Bethlen Theater. She has also collaborated with the Hungarian theater group “Living Picture” and the Hungarian circus group “Firebirds”.

Since 2020 she has been teaching group and individual classes in Budapest as well as trapeze workshops in various European cities. Her teaching concept places great emphasis on the plasticity of movement while keeping sight on technique.

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