🥁 About Omnion

Omnion is a solo project of multi-instrumentalist and composer Tomáš Reindl, in which he combines many layers and inspirations from musical traditions of the East and West, along with new musical approaches and techniques.

In addition to traditional instruments (e.g. tabla, didgeridoo, trombone, Wallachian clarinet) and the use of the human voice (oliquote singing, Gregorian chant, recitation of rhythms), Omnion uses the technology of looping and layering in real time, where multi-part choirs, rhythmic structures or ambient surfaces are literally born before the eyes (and ears) of the audience.

OMNION plays not only calm, ambient or chill-out productions, but also dance sets (inspired by genres such as psy-trance, etc.) where electronics are always combined with live instruments and voices.

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