One Thousand Faces

About One Thousand Faces

One Thousand Faces was founded in November of 2020 in Budapest. The four of us started to regularly practice aerial together at INspiral Circus Center and it was there we realised that we were sharing the same desire – to step into creation and build a show. Within the year OTF received the Hungarian National Cultural Fund and the support of Artus Studio with the concept of our performance Ezerarcú Szépassony. We wrote and researched the piece ourselves with dramaturgical support from Emily Aoibheann (Creation Aerial).

We premiered Ezeracú Szépasszony in the summer of 2021 at Artus Studio. The same year we participated in Cyrkulacje Festival where we received the 2nd Prize and Media award for our quartet ensemble Axis. In April 2022 we took Ezerarcú Szépassony to Brussels for HOPLA! Festival with the cooperation of the Liszt Institute. In 2023 we reworked the show and retitled to TERRA. In 2023, TERRA was invited to play once again at Artus Studio, The Valley Of Arts Festival in Hungary, The European Juggling Convention in Poland and Bitef Theatre in Serbia.

We are thrilled to be able to share our story with the public and have the ability to connect with audiences and receive feedback from the local and artistic community. Our aims and expectations are to broaden our artistic experiences and awareness of responsible creation. We are currently at such a stage of the work where we need to share our creation outside of our usual context.

Georgina Cassels
Marta Matovelle
Dorottya Podmaniczky
Reka Zetelaki

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