One Two Many

About One Two Many collective

OneTwoMany was formed in 2022 as a collaboration between Sophie Zoletnik, Marton Csuzi and Lennart Paar after having worked on several projects together over the previous years. Marton brings a wealth of experience from contemporary dance and parkour while Sophie and Lennart contribute with a background of new circus, partner and aerial acrobatics, as well as object manipulation.

The vision of the young company is to bring together many different talents as well as connect the still mostly separate performance and movement disciplines in Hungary. Creating, promoting and enabling shows that bring together experimental ideas but are at their core entertaining, spreading a love for movement and creativity.

About the act - InThisTogether

This is an experiment. We have some intentions, but just like you we don’t exactly know what is going to happen. “InThisTogether” is a participatory circus show that relies on the audience in order to happen at all. If you choose to be involved, you will experience the trust, focus and joy that is so intrinsic to circus. And yes, you will share some of the risk and responsibility, too.

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