Reka Zetelaki

About Reka Zetelaki

My passion lies in weaving playfulness and artistry into the world of aerial arts. Inspired by my students, and the joy of working with circus groups, I find endless inspiration and purpose in my work.

As an aerialist:

  • Co-founded One Thousand Faces, our contemporary aerial collective, creating the show TERRA.
  • Founded Time Traveller Circus, a performance group bringing the stories of past circus artists to life.
  • Collaboration with my partner, creating a duet with live electronic music and silks
  • Co-founded Budapest Aerial Meeting, fostering connection and knowledge sharing within the regional aerial community.
  • Working as a soloist on corporate events and winning awards at European and Hungarian Aerial Championships.

As an aerial teacher:

  •  I regularly teach aerial silks to over 50 students at INspiral Circus Center, preparing them for performances and competitions.
  • Created my own methods: aerial workshops for kids combined with story-telling, and Mom and daughter aerial classes.
  • Certified kids yoga teacher, fitness instructor, and studied circus teacher training in Circus im Beweging, Leuven.

Beside being an aerialist, I am a passionate storyteller and community builder, worked as a journalist and editor covering foreign politics and economy, graduated in Political Science MA, and in History of Art BA. I am happily married. My daughter was born in 2022, strong and beautiful, a source of immense pride for her mama.

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