🥁 About Reyna

Verena aka Reyna started occasionally mixing music several years ago when some pandemic forced them to think outside the box on how to continue a life full of music and dancing when clubs had to shut down. That was when they startet to evolve their unique, driving sound, inspired by and made for open air raves and tons of demonstrations promoting club culture. Stabilising their former DJ-alias ‘Raverena’, they collaborated with DJ-collectives and made people dropping sweat in every renowned club Austrias capital city has to offer. After relative short time trying out playing bigger gigs supporting acts like Amelie Lens, Hector Oaks or Jacidorex they felt that that was just not their vibe. They decided to shut down & take a break from the techno-nightlife, only to come back one recovery-year later with a new name, an expanded sound-selection and regathered energy. Dare to say – a new journey is about to start at Roztoč Festival!

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