Early bird

until March 1st

with Masterclasses: 100 €

Chill bird

until April 6th

with Masterclasses: 120 €
no Masterclasses: 100 €

Sleepy bird

until June 31st

with Masterclasses:
140 €
no Masterclasses: 110 €

Lazy bird

until August 14th

with Masterclasses: 160 €
no Masterclasses: 130 €


During Roztoč

with Masterclasses: 170 €
no Masterclasses: 140 €

Early bird | until March 1st
100 € with Masterclasses

Chill bird | until April 6th
120 € with Masterclasses
100 € no Masterclasses

🦚 Sleepy bird | until June 31st 🦚
140 € with Masterclasses
110 € no Masterclasses

Lazy bird | until August 14th
160 € with Masterclasses
130 € no Masterclasses

Gate | cash-only | during the festival
170 € with Masterclasses
140 € no Masterclasses

How to apply for a discount

We realise that this year’s tickets prices are a bit on the expensive side. This is because Roztoč didn’t get some grants that we usually have in our budget, and everything around us is constantly getting more expensive. Nonetheless, to make it more accessible for those who struggle with finances, we’ve decided to introduce discounts.

Message us at with reasons why you think you should get a discount, and we’ll try to accomodate you! We want to offer lower price for students or youngsters, those who come from a considerably poorer country, or are in a difficult economical situation because of reasons beyond their control (war, health problems, etc). We hope this will allow us to help those who needed, and people won’t misuse our good intentions.

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What are masterclasses? See our FAQs.

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