About the project

Project was supported by International Visegrad fund

Project EDU Roztoc fest aims to become an integral part of Roztoc fest festival and create a space for artist to learn and exchange their experience in modern Flow art, acorobacy or New circus and show the possibilities of their intermingling. The goal of the project is to enrich the festival with an educational part of EDU Roztoc fest focused on professional exchange of experience in the field in cooperation with V4 countries. Flow arts disciplines, which are so popular and attractive today, are only in their infancy in the Czech Republic. Project brings opportunities to learn new skills, gain experience and improve from lecturers who are among the world's best in the field. The festival offers up to 70 one-hour workshops over the course of 4 days, and would like to introduce a tradition of more intensive, longer-lasting workshops and thus help raise the level of present genres in the V4 countries. It is the only festival in the entire Czech Republic offering such a varied program, a large number of workshops and the worldwide participation of industry enthusiasts. As the only new circus and flow art festival, Roztoč fest also offers a wide range of possibilities for innovation in the field, interweaving of various disciplines. The project aims to gradually establish formal cooperation with foreign partners such as art schools or similar projects.

Partner No. 1 Hungary

Name of the organization: Stellatus Kulturális Menedzsment Kft., theatre organization
Statutory representative: Péter Földvári
Organization ID No.: 01-09-371081
Website: www.stellatus.hu

Partner No. 2 Poland

Name of the organization: Multivisual , theatre organization
Statutory representative: Kamil Dziliński
Organization ID No.: PL 7411888628
Website: multivisual.pl

Partner No. 3 Slovakia

Name of the organization: KAUKLIAR o.z., theatre organization
Statutory representative: Filip Hajduk
Organization ID No.: 42420121
Website: nezavisledivadlo.sk/divadlo/kaukliar