About Roztoč

Roztoč is...

(… read it “roztotch”) is an international festival based on circus and flow arts, theatre and all kinds of movement art forms, and partially a music festival – with dozens of live bands and DJs, with genres ranging from balkan, klezmer, cumbia and latin, to drum’n’bass, dubstep or psytrance.

The mission of Roztoč is to integrate several art forms into one event and facilitate cross-inspiration between them. Roztoč started as a fire spinning event, and it continues to be the heart of the festival, but the dramaturgy changed over the years and integrated many other circus-related movement arts, such as all forms of  juggling, aerial acrobatics, partner and ground acrobatics, and even art forms such as mime and puppetry.

We love to see different artistic disciplines crossbreading, and we want to provide the right kind of conditions for it to happen. 

Also, we simply like fun. You will not be bored. This year’s space is the perfect escape from reality into the colorful world we create, thanks to the endless amount of different art decos, visual installations, several stages and activities to join.

With dozens of workshops, no border between artists and participants and the high amount of artistic forms you’ll be exposed to, this is the perfect occasion for you to try and learn new things! 

And if you don’t feel like learning anything new, the amount of shows to watch and concerts to listen will sufficiently entertain you.

How it started

A long time ago – in 2013 – a big poi enthusiast Vojta Stolbenko, at that time only 18 years old, decided to organize an extraordinary birthday party, with live music, fire spinning, and circus jamming.  As the dust settled after the night,  it was clear that this could grow into something bigger, beyond a birthday party.. With a very spontaneous name given to it, never intended as a festival name, Vojta and his friends decided to do it again, slightly bigger, and then again… You can imagine how it continued.

Since, the organizing team grew and the event became a full-scale festival with as many as 1200 visitors from all over the world, rising production quality, more and more shows, and lots of fun shared by the flow arts & circus community.

Want to be part of the team that makes the impossible happen?

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