About the venue

Missile base Bratronice

Our venue for the third time now, in the middle of nowhere yet close to Prague, is the old soviet missile base. This space has in recent years become a second home to post-apo enthusiasts, artists, and all kinds of DIY projects.

Yes, those cars actually work.

There’s a good chance that while taking a shortcut through the dense forest at night, you’ll get spooked by a glowing monster.

How to be a good guest

Keep in mind that this venue – and more importantly, all the projects and art – belongs to the local tribes and we are just visitors. This means:

  • leave no trace, throw your trash in the bins
  • don’t 💩 in the woods, there are toilets
  • even though it may look like a barrel with useless stuff in it, there’s a chance it’s actually decor, not a trash bin
If we want to organise Roztoč at this venue again, we need to leave the space as close to the way as we found it as possible.

More important info in the FAQs! 👉🏻

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