Frequently Asked Questions

❓General questions

When – 15th to 19th August 2024. Save the date 😉

This year we are once again at the old Missile Base Raketová základna Bratronice – a missile base from soviet times turned into a post-apo heaven.

How to get there? See below!

You can come on Wednesday 14th and leave on Tuesday 20th, but there is a good chance somebody will ask you to help with building or cleaning after the festival 😉

Plus, there won’t be any food stalls or showers.

🧳 How to get to the venue

In Czechia, Google maps work okay, but idos works better.

Just come here: Raketová základna Bratronice

Make sure to check out the FB community group to see if anyone needs a ride!

You can take the public bus #386 from Praha-Zličín right in front of the metro entrance, to the bus stop Bratronice. This takes about 45min. Google Maps work pretty well 😉

From the bus stop Bratronice to the entrance in 20 minutes on foot! Google maps won’t suggest it, but you can see it on the satelite view. (double-wheel dust road shape).

The easiest and fastest way from the airport is to take a taxi like Uber or Bolt. Should be around 800 CZK (34 EUR) for the 35 minut ride.

If you’d like to save some money, take the bus #100 from the airport to Praha-Zličín, and then board one of the buses #386 mentioned above.

1. Take the red metro line to Florenc (direction Letňany)

2. Then yellow metro line from Florenc to Zličín

3. After that, bus #386 mentioned above

🚗 Camping, parking

We’ll be renting out a field right next to the gate for parking, so there should be enough space. Nonetheless, if you can, try to take a bus or share a ride!

For ridesharing you can post in the FB Roztoč fest community group

You can post in theFB Roztoč fest community group – offer or ask for a ride, share a taxi, or find friends to take the bus with!

Camping is included in all tickets. There are two camping sites – the silent ones, just outside of the gates, and the loud one, close to the firespace. When building your tent, please keep in mind that space isn’t unlimited!

Also, please don’t camp in the forest or in the makeshift buildings you’ll find in the area – they belong to the local clans, and they – understandably – do not want us in their stuff.

No – we’ve got two large camping sites with all necessary amenities nearby. Also, the makeshift buildings you’ll find in the area belong to the local clans, and they – understandably – do not want us in their stuff.

Since many people fly in from other continents, we’re renting out tents and camping gear. There is a limited number of them (30-ish), so reserve yours fast!

You can reserve one similarly to how you buy tickets.

Camper vans are welcome at Roztoč. Once there are more details, you’ll find them here!

The venue is in the middle of the fields, so getting clean water there is quite a challenge. Last year, someone left the shower running for the entire first night, draining the well, which resulted in water shortages for the whole festival.

This year, we’ve figured out a much better way to save water and allow our visitors to be clean and hydrated at the same time. More info coming soon!

The venue is large, and the roads consist of concrete slabs. Consider bringing comfy shoes and be ready to walk 🙂

🎫 Tickets, workshops, masterclasses

You can buy the tickets right here on the website! Go to and get yours!

Masterclasses are workshops for people who can already do at least something – spin a bit of poi, or a stick, or dance.

Regular workshops are open level and included in all tickets!

At any given moment, there are SIX workshops  and masterclasses running at the same time. Once it’s available, you’ll find the  workshop schedule both on this website and on a huge board at the venue!

It’s recommended that you bring your own prop, but lots of workshop teachers bring their own, and you can borrow some from the prop rental stall at the venue 🙂

Tickets aren’t refundable.

Tickets aren’t bound to a specific name, so yes, but be careful about scammers – they’re everywhere.

We realise that this year’s tickets prices are a bit on the expensive side. This is because Roztoč didn’t get some grants that we usually have in our budget.

Nonetheless, to make it more accessible, we’ve decided to introduce discounts. Message us at with reasons why you think you should get a discount, and we’ll try to accomodate you!

🍕 Food & drinks

We love a huge variety of food, that’s why we love to invite many exotic food stands. We’re trying to cater both vegans and vegetarians, as well as those who like good quality meat.

Of course!

You can expect multiple full-fledged bars with beer, cocktails, fruit juice, anything your heart desires.

You can also look forward to a teahouse to warm you up during the chilly nights!

And of course, there will be multiple cisterns with drinking water.

There will be huge cisterns with drinking water. Please, really use this water for drinking – there will be basins for washing your hands nearby. 

Also, try not to spill a lot on the ground, nobody wants to slide in a mud pit.

👋🏻 How to behave at the venue

The entire base is decorated in a post-apo style. This means there might be piles of stuff and barrels and signs, and some of it will look like you can throw something there.

Our trash bins will be clearly marked, so please only use those.

Please. Just don’t. There will be toilets everywhere, exchanged for fresh ones every morning.

The venue is in the middle of the fields and it’s quite hard to get water there, so we’d really appreciate it if you were conscious of how you use the drinking water!

We love dogs! But there will be around 1200 people at any given time, and we can’t monitor if everyone’s doggies are well-behaved and trained.

So, yes, you can bring your dog, but it has to be leashed at all times and can’t steal our juggling balls!

Sure! Children’s tickets (7-15years old) are 50% off, under 7 year-old can enter for free!

🛒 Shopping at Roztoč

Card payments aren’t possible. Bring cash. In Czechia we have this funny currency called “corona”. You can exchange euro or dollars for corona at the festival door.

There will be prop makers, fashion makers, jewellery designers, food and drink stalls, and more!

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