Antoine Jacot

About Antoine

From his early years, Antoine Jacot was captivated by the allure of circus arts and the world of juggling. Born in the quaint town of Bar-le-Duc, France, his fascination with the interplay between body and object began to blossom at the tender age of eight.

Antoine seamlessly blended his passion for juggling with his affinity for movement. Fueled by curiosity and dedication, he embarked on a journey of artistic exploration and self-discovery.

Over the years, Antoine has collaborated with esteemed performance companies such as Les Objets Volants, Cie TG, Le Théâtre de Stains, and Compagnie Firelight. His unique approach to juggling, coupled with his mastery of dance, has propelled him to redefine the essence of circus arts.

Attuned to the subtleties of movement aesthetics, Antoine has developed an original choreographic language that pushes the boundaries of traditional juggling. His performances create a seamless fusion between the human body and the ethereal world of moving objects, offering audiences an unforgettable experience.

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