🥁 About Cosmyte

In this captivating realm, Cosmyte delves into the essence of your cells, revitalizing the sensation of vast expanses. From the depths of the Earth to the smallest particles of the cosmos, Cosmyte traverses the body with a blend of bustling energy and gentle caresses, awakening the spiritual essence of humanity.

Under the guidance of Pr. Galacticus (handling machinery) and Captn. Friktus (mastering handpans and various instruments), this unconventional crew crafts its own ever-evolving galaxy. Accompanied by the talents of Divx (vocals) and Bichinia (flutes), they embark on a cosmic odyssey.

Along their journeys across Europe, Russia, India, China, and Latin America, they have encountered numerous artists and travelers, whom they invite to join them on stage, creating a unique and mesmerizing experience with each performance. A voyage intertwining the organic vibrations of human essence, the celestial melodies of cosmic instruments, and the mechanical rhythms of their machinery, Cosmyte emerges as a true musical android, pushing the boundaries of musical exploration.

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